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Royal Bedding makes and sells custom mattresses and we can construct one just right for you. We provide you the highest quality materials and craftsmenship, at prices that are the best in town.

Dream Rest

Standard Firm - Double Sided Mattress - Can Be Flipped and Turned

Dream Rest Two Side Mattress SetDescription:  The Dream Rest set is a standard firm two sided mattress set. Royal Bedding considers this a lower middle of the road set, but provides the most bang for the buck for those on a tight budget. When compared to other mattress sets in this price range, Royal Bedding simply provides more mattress for the money. It is recommended for college students, teenagers, children, and guest rooms.

Innerspring:  336, 13 gauge innerspring (King - 520 coils, Queen - 416 coils, Full - 336 coils, Twin - 240 coils)
1.25 ounce polyester insulator pad (thicker and heavier than industry standards
Layer of firm foam wrapped around the edge of the innerspring
  Layer of soft foam with .6 ounce fire barrier quilted to cover. Panels are flanged, surged, and hog ringed (stapled) to innerspring. This helps keep the mattress uniform, keeps the cover from slipping, and helps prevent the padding from pocketing. (Many manufacturers have eliminated this step to reduce their costs)
Wood foundation with polyester insulator pad - no cardboard is used to help eliminate squeaking.